In accordance with the Law on Chambers, Chamber of nurses and medical technicians performs duties as a public authority, duties such as:

1.Entrusted tasks

2.Other business

Pubic Authority (entrusted tasks):

- Adopted a code of professional ethics

- Performs an enrollment of members and keep the Chamber members

- Issues, restores and revokes licenses to practice independently

- Mediate in disputes of members of Chamber and users of health care

- Establishes Courts of Honor in order to determine professional injury on duty and to impose the verdict and provide disciplinary measures

- Publishes excerpts from the directory, certificates and receipts (entrusted tasks)

- Determents membership fee and other amounts for issuing other certificates

- Issues the unique ID number to members who already posses their licenses

- Represent and protect professional interests of Chamber members

- Looks after the members of Chamber and their reputation and performing health related activities in accordance with the code of Ethics

- Runs a database of the members of Chamber who performs private practice and are registered with the appropriate authorities

- Proposes a list of supervisors for regular and irregular external professional supervision of quality assurance, in accordance with the Law of public health care

- Initiate the specification through internship and passing the professional exam, and moreover their professional specialization

Entrusted Tasks:

- Participate in establishing nomenclature of health services and criteria for establishing a contract to provide health services regarding health insurance

- Takes the initiative and takes over measures of insurance for the members of Chamber with the insurance carrier regarding the risks which can occur

- Provides professional assistance regarding the right to health protection in case of inhumane or reckless treatment

- Provides professional assistance to members who are in private practice

- Oversee and initiate Legal measures regarding violation of regulations on advertising in area of health care

- Performs other tasks determined by Statute and Law on Chambers